World of Warplanes – a super game

When I first saw the name of this game, I thought first (like many of you, I am sure) that it is like World of Tanks and I was pretty much skeptical to buy it. But luckily, I didn’t listened to my subconscious and I got a quite big surprise.

In World of Warplanes we have also many choices starting from British aircrafts, German, American, Japanese or Russian and I have noticed that at the last update that the game had, they have introduced a Chinese biplane, a feature that we haven’t seen before - check out best choices.

Every nation has three types of war machines: hunting planes, heavy hunters and bombers. The direction of the game is pretty much the same with World of Tanks, where as you may know, in order to unlock a machine you will have to gather enough experience with the previous one. The credit points are used to acquire new plans, to arm them and to repair them. The gold points – the currency obtained with real cash – it is used for ammunition and to buy fancy planes, you can also activate a premium account, plus you can convert your specific experience in general experience.

You may say that if you don’t want to spend real money in buying the gold credits, you will have no advantage, but this is not true. In fact, this is a thing that I like about this game: if you buy gold credits you will not have certain advantages like in other games, you will simply speed the game up. The special munition can be bought also with regular credits, the premium account offers you experience and credits that can be obtained more easily, but not the way you may thing. The only place where the gold points make actually a difference is if you want to paint your warplane – that special paint gives you actually only 15-20% camouflage and that’s not really a simpler way to win a fight.

The warplanes can be “pimped” with special equipment like a high-quality paint which actually decreases the friction resistance or maybe a sighting system more efficient, but this example is pretty expensive and it doesn’t do such a great job.

At first sight, you will notice that the producers have gave up at some technical attributes, but they have worked a lot so that the gameplay would be perfect. This is forgivable from my point of view. The graphic details are great, the warplanes look good and also the details from the landscape - see all details. The maps come in a quite impressive variety, some of them actually have tactic elements displayed on them which in some cases really need to be taken into account.

To sum up and to not start to become a spoiler, World of Warplanes is actually a great game, a game to relax, it’s not that hard and maybe this is why it had such a big success on this market.